5 Jul, 2023

Call for Solutions – Enhance the Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Solar Farms!

Are you aware of innovative technologies, products, or services that can revolutionize Solar Farms? This is an opportunity to make a significant impact in the renewable energy industry! Show interest before September 15th and get noticed by major energy providers in Europe. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity presented by the Solar Impulse Foundation, and their focus on eco-design of Solar Farms.

Solar Impulse Foundation is actively seeking solutions to address the following challenges:
▶ Managing impacts during the design phase of a Solar Farm;
▶ Improving the technical and environmental performance of photovoltaic (PV) products and their manufacturing;
▶ Optimizing material consumption and fostering a circular economy;
▶ Managing and optimizing the disposal of waste generated by Solar Farms.

By participating, you stand to gain the following benefits:
▶ Enter the radar of a major energy provider in Europe, opening doors to new opportunities;
▶ Take the chance to contribute to the development of the ideal Solar Farm;
▶ Your solution will gain visibility through the Solar Impulse Foundation’s platform.

How to take part in this exciting initiative?
Don’t miss out! Show your interest before September 15th to be considered for this opportunity. Click on the link below for more information and to express your interest in shaping the future of Solar Farms. Join us in creating a sustainable and efficient energy landscape! ⏩

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