10 Apr, 2024

ESIA publishes its 2024 Action Plan

Today, the European Solar PV Industry Alliance (ESIA), which counts 150+ members across the PV value chain from 17 countries, publishes its 2024 plan and recommended measures to reshore the European PV industry and deliver 30GW of EU PV manufacturing capacity by 2030.

  • The ten-point action plan recommends both financial and non-pricing criteria to close the cost gap for European PV products. Production costs for European solar PV industry are between 1.5 and 2.3 times higher than those in China, ESIA has calculated.
  • Based on ESIA calculations, the industry would need €18-24 billion in investment support and annual support of €4-6 billion for operating costs to deliver 30GW.
  • The plan also encourages sustainability standards for PV units, sustainability and resilience criteria in public procurements and auctions, and a European “PV Passport” that would boost transparency in PV products sold in the EU.

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