27 Mar, 2023

European Solar PV Industry Alliance and Large Scale Solar Europe Event form Media Partnership to promote Solar Industry Growth

The European Solar PV Industry Alliance had a media partnership with the Large Scale Solar Europe Event in Lisbon on March 21st and 22nd, 2023. The event was aimed at discussing the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges faced by the European solar market. The main panel discussions covered various topics such as long-term supply chain solutions, hybridisation of solar with storage and wind, attracting skilled workers, and investor expectations.

One of the key themes of the Large Scale Solar Europe Event was the importance of policy and regulatory frameworks in driving the growth of the solar industry in Europe. Participants discussed the need for a stable and supportive policy environment that can provide a clear pathway for the deployment of solar projects. It was emphasized at the event that collaboration between different stakeholders, including policymakers, industry players, and investors, is crucial to ensure that the solar industry continues to thrive in Europe.

Overall, the Large Scale Solar Europe Event provided an opportunity for Solar PV stakeholders to share their experiences and insights, and to discuss strategies for addressing the challenges facing the European solar industry.

Know more about the event here.

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