24 Jul, 2023

Meyer Burger and NorSun Receive Financial Support from EU Innovation Fund

Meyer Burger and NorSun, both active members of the European Solar PV Industry Alliance (ESIA), have recently secured significant financial support from the EU Innovation Fund. These grants highlight the EU’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of the solar energy sector.

Meyer Burger has successfully applied for a funding amount of EUR 200 million through its subsidiary, Meyer Burger (Industries) GmbH. The project, named “HOPE” (High-efficiency Onshore PV module production in Europe), has been selected as eligible for funding. It involves establishing an additional 3.5 GW production capacity for solar cells and solar modules in Germany and potentially in Spain. It is worth noting that NorSun and Meyer Burger already have a supply relationship for solar wafers, further enhancing their collaboration in the solar industry.

NorSun AS has been awarded EUR 54 million to expand its ingot and wafer capacity in Årdal, Norway. This expansion, amounting to 3 gigawatts (GW), aligns with the ambitious plans by the US and the EU to rebuild their respective solar energy value chains. As the sole significant Western ingot and wafer manufacturer, the EU has recognised NorSun’s strategic importance in rebuilding the European solar value chain through this direct support. The grant positions NorSun to play a vital role in reconstructing the European solar sector.

The grants received by Meyer Burger and NorSun exemplify the EU’s dedication to advancing the solar energy sector, decarbonising the energy system, and fostering clean tech manufacturing. As active members of ESIA, these companies’ success stories demonstrate their expertise and inspire confidence in the industry and encourage further collaboration and innovation.

The financial support provided by the EU Innovation Fund marks a significant milestone for Meyer Burger and NorSun, reinforcing their positions as key players in the European solar sector. These grants will facilitate their continued growth and contribute to the sustainable development of the solar industry.

Sources: this article is based on the press releases provided by Meyer Burger and NorSun.

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