Bucsani Solar PV Project

Country: Romania
Value chain: Photovoltaic modules

Key Insights

  • Production capacity
    270 MW
  • Investment (€)
    240 M
  • Nº new jobs to be generated
    200 during construction / 20 during operation
  • Date of Launch
  • Date of starting production

“As the President and founder of CBUD, I am delighted to announce that the 270 MWe solar project will play a pivotal role in elevating Romania’s green energy sector to new heights. It is the second largest Solar project announced to date. With its vast capacity and unwavering commitment to renewable energy, this project will be a beacon of environmental stewardship, reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring a cleaner, greener energy during 30 years of project life.”

Dinesh Dhamija
  • Copper Beech Urban Development (CBUD) is developing a solar PV plant in Bucsani, Girgiu County in Romania in 3 different phases.
  • Project will involve (i) signing a corporate PPA with a private Offtaker and / or (ii) power trading at Romania Gas and Electricity market operator and/or (iii) power exchange and passing renewable auction.
  • CBUD is looking for a potential investor that will be responsible for the design, finance, build, own, operate, maintain and at the end of term decommission the solar PV plant.
  • We have 3 quotes from EPC co’s already.

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