Over Easy Solar

Country: Spain/Norway
Value chain: Photovoltaic modules
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Key Insights

  • Production capacity
    2024: 10 MWp (50 000 units per year) 2025: 100 MWp (500 000 units per year)
  • Date of Launch
    May 2023
  • Date of starting production
    April 2023

“With this revolutionary product, we see that installations on flat roofs can be done ten times faster and we unlock rooftops that so far have not qualified for solar installations with conventional solutions”

Trygve Mongstad
CEO at Over Easy Solar

In 2023, Over Easy Solar commenced the production of their VPV Unit, specially designed for green and flat roofs. This achievement came after an intensive two-year period of research, development, and prototyping. Distinguished by its uniqueness, the unit is currently patent-pending and represents a significant milestone as the first fully preassembled solution incorporating solar panels and a mounting system for flat roof installations.

Anticipating exponential growth, Over Easy Solar has ambitious plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities in the coming years. By the end of 2023, the company aims to reach a production capacity of 10 MWp. Looking ahead to 2024, they are poised to further accelerate this progress, targeting 100 MWp+ in manufacturing capacity.

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