Country: Norway
Value chain: Ingot and Wafer
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Key Insights

  • Production capacity
    3 GW
  • Nº new jobs to be generated
    300 workers
  • Investment (€):
    300 M
  • Date of Launch
  • Date of starting production

“NorSun are in close dialogue with EU and the Norwegian Government to facilitate this growth based on significant customer support.”

Helge Skaarberg Holen
Director of Strategy and Business Development at Norsun AS

NorSun AS secured a EUR 54 million grant from the EU Innovation Fund to expand current ingot and wafer capacity in Norway by 3 Gigawatts (GW). As the sole remaining Western manufacturer, NorSun’s vast experience in producing high-efficiency PV wafers, driven by clean hydropower and top production efficiency, makes it a crucial strategic resource for rebuilding the European solar value chain. This grant is a significant step towards achieving the EU’s ambitious 2025 development plans.

Scaling up PV Projects: 30 GW of Solar Manufacturing Capacity

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